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Why Trieste?
Because Trieste is the coffee city, boasting a large number of companies at the top end of the coffee sector and because it has been for over two centuries the main italian trading port for coffee beans.



FOR MODERN TRIESTE , coffee means:


TRADING Coffee importers and wholesalers
SERVICES Forwarding agents, specialist banks, insurance companies, brokers

Roasting and espresso equipment (machinery), packaging, items for bars and espresso related services

TRADITION Roasters worldwide known for their espresso beans
MODERNITY The city boasts one of the few decaffeination plants in Italy and the first modern plant for coffee processing (SILOCAF) .
RESEARCH Trieste University, Biology Department - coffee project and coffee nursery for applied research ; unique coffee training course in Italy granting a post-doctorate degree ; AREA Science Park with AromaLab which aims at identifying the individual aromas, categorizing them and assigning them to specific qualities.

Chemical Laboratory for Product Analysis “ – Trieste Chamber of Commerce. This is the only laboratory in Italy to have been granted the authority to “classify” coffee . The Laboratory has been officially entrusted by Health Ministry to carry out technical and research activities correlated with hygiene standards in the production and trade of coffee in Italy.  If one considers the amount of coffee which arrives in Italy through the port of Trieste and that this Laboratory alone analyses half of that, the reasons for the international reputation it has acquired over the years are self-evident.


Trieste is the leading Italian coffee port with over one third of Italian imports traded here.

Key figures:
40,000 sqm of warehouses space
10,000 containers handled yearly
1 million 60-kg bags in store





Organizing Secretariat: Aries - Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio di Trieste | info@triestespresso.it | tel. +39.040.6701281 - 240