Università del Caffè – illycaffè training events

45 minutes long focused training pills, with a science to business cut: the training rendezvous that illy – Università del Caffè has prepared for the ninth edition of TriestEspresso Expo.

The focus will be on caffeine, on the role of microscopy analysis for quality, on coffee chemistry and its perceptual implications and on quality implications of agronomic and sustainable factors.

The training offer also includes an event dedicated to bar management, which has already been well appreciated during the last edition of TriestEspresso Expo.

The training pills, free of charge, will take place in succession during the three days of the fair’s duration, morning and afternoon, and will be held by lecturers and experts from the Università del Caffè.

Established in 1999, with branches in Trieste and all over the world, the Università del Caffè is a centre of excellence open to entrepreneurs in the coffee sector, professionals in the hospitality industry and all coffee lovers. The training and discovery courses promoted by the Università del Caffè have been designed to contribute to developing and continuously improving the coffee production process, safeguarding the people operating in the sector and of coffee drinkers in general, and ensuring the environmental protection of the entire production chain, from the far-away tropical cultivation fields all the way to our cities.

Find a bean, discover a world inside: coffee caffeine
More than 26,000 research studies have focused on caffeine: the most physiologically active component of coffee.

Find a bean, discover a world inside: coffee microscopy
A closer look at the coffee bean cells: understanding the role of lab analysis in determining quality.

Find a bean, discover a world inside: coffee chemistry
Volatile and non-volatile molecules related to perception and biological activities: what truly exudes from a coffee cup.

Find a bean, discover a world inside: green coffee
The connection between agronomy and sustainable issues to determine the quality of coffee.

Find a business, discover its potential: management of the bar
The winning features and the development of the potential of the staff and premises to follow the path to maximum quality.