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A mix of genius and charisma. Entrepreneurs with great intuition, able to achieve great things. Like Ernesto Illy, Alberto Hesse, Vincenzo Sandalj.

Ernesto Illy revolutionized the importance of coffee growing in Brazil and elsewhere in the world. In his tireless quest for the perfect espresso, he encouraged the production of top quality coffee and continued investment in research. Known as the Ambasciatore del caffè (Coffee Ambassador), he promoted illycaffe’s initiatives, Premio Brasil de Qualidade do Café para Espresso, Università del Caffè in Brazil, and the Clube illy do Café, all of which provided incentives for public and private institutions.

Alberto Hesse was a landmark for the coffee market worldwide. Broker of international level, Hesse renewed his role with great foresight and critical spirit, following the market needs.

Vincenzo Sandalj was a coffee taster by profession and inveterate traveller by disposition and a pioneering believer in building for coffee a culture of quality.

Personalities who have done a lot for coffee in the world. Starting from Trieste, Italy.

300 years of brewing and still piping hot

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25-27 October 2018
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