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Get ready for your visit to 9th TriestEspresso expo.

Find out the side events program and take advantage of your visit to discover the beautiful city of Trieste.

Rich in history, art and culture, it fulfils a major role, dictated by its geographical position. A bridge between western and central Europe, it has adopted traits and characteristics from both cultures.

A city of many ethnicities , where evidence and symbols of its many faiths are preserved, it owes its prosperity to its port, which rose to a pivotal importance within the Habsburg Empire during the 18th century.

Trieste is also a great place for shopping and enjoying oneself. It is the smallest Italian province, which, in a limited area, boasts several environmental marvels, such as the Karst and the Timavo River, as well as wonderful museums like Miramare Castle, one of the most visited places in Italy.

And, for coffee lovers, a visit to Trieste historic cafes will be the most pleasant way to start your day!

Visit the Turismo FVG website for tourist information with detailed information on what you can do while on holiday in Trieste

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