Oct. 26 World Latte Art Grading Battle Championship (WLAGS) at Triestespresso Expo

WLAGS (World Latte Art Grading Battle Championship) is pleased to announce a major breakthrough for 2024. Thanks to outstanding international collaboration and an immediate and enthusiastic response from participating nations, we have decided to celebrate our world event in Italy at Triestespresso Expo. The new championship date is set for Saturday, October 26, 2024.

This change stems from a desire to ensure an even more engaging and accessible experience for all participants. Triestespresso Expo responded enthusiastically to our proposal, immediately offering its support and confirming the date with maximum technical and organizational availability. This collaboration promises to further raise the profile of WLAGS, making the championship a must-attend event in the international latte art scene.

Triestespresso Expo, known for its excellence in the coffee industry, is the ideal setting for our championship. Its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities will offer participants and spectators an extraordinary experience. We believe that this new venue will attract an even larger and more passionate audience from around the world, strengthening the spirit of community and competition that characterizes the WLAGS.

The nations that have already confirmed their participation are excited to take part in this revamped and enriched edition of the championship. We are confident that the other nations, who were initially uncertain, will also welcome this opportunity to participate in such a prestigious event.

The new portal for registering national champions for the World Final is now available. The portal provides all the necessary information and facilitates registration, ensuring a simple and transparent process. All winners of the various LAGS Battle Nationals, are invited to register online: WORLD FINAL 2024 REGISTRATION.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Triestespresso Expo on October 26, 2024 for an edition of WLAGS that promises to be the most spectacular ever. Please join us in celebrating this discipline and the passion that unites us on this extraordinary journey.

See you soon,