Among 2016 exhibitors: Sandalj Trading Company Spa | Illycaffe' Spa | Cogeco Spa | Fiorenzato M.C. Srl | Mahlkönig Gmbh & Co. Kg | Coffee Board of India | ARC | Ditting Maschinen Ag | Dersut Caffe' Spa | Caffe' Mokambo Di Nisio Srl | Cma Macchine Per Caffè Srl | Comunetti Srl | Imperator | Ancap Spa | Caffe' Carraro Spa | Mazzer Luigi Srl | Brambati Spa | Caffe' Torrefazione Veronesi | Gruppo Cimbali Spa | Bazzara Srl | Demus S.P.A. | Manuel Caffe' D.M.C. Srl | Blaser | Petroncini Impianti Spa | Julius Meinl Spa | La Marzocco Srl | Phucsinh Corporation Vietnam | PROBAT-Werke GmbH | Gruppo Italiano Torrefattori Caffè | WEGA | Goglio Spa | Sanremo Srl | La San Marco Spa | Gimoka Srl | Pacorini Silocaf Srl | Vidiz & Kessler Srl | Macap Srl | Romani & C. Spa | BWT Water+More Italia Srl | Torrefazione Rio's La Varesina Caffe' Srl | Hemro Group | La Spaziale Spa | Nuova Simonelli Spa | Pentair Water Italy Srl | | Taurocaf | Cappellini | Procaffe' Spa | Caffe' Bristot | Ahlstrom Specialties | Cogeco Coffee Machines Spa | Ceado Srl | Nuova Ricambi Srl | Associazione Caffe' Trieste | Eureka - Conti Valerio Srl | Grimac | Bianchi Industry Spa | I.M.F. Srl | Commerciale Adriatica Srl | C.I.A. Srl Confezionatrici Italiane Automatiche | Lazzarin Caffe' Sr.l. | Emilpack Srl | Faber Italia Srl | Quamar Srl | Coffee And Cocoa International (C&C) | Elektra Srl | Coffeetrend Magazine | Demuslab Srl | Kemiplast Srl | Dolzan Impianti Srl Torrefazione Amigos Caffè | Flex Packaging Al Spa | Caffen Srl | Doc Srl | Fiorenzato | IMA Spa
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9th TriestEspresso Expo will take place October 25-27, 2018

The biennial B2B leading international exhibition in the theme of the espresso coffee trade industry is an event that brings together all aspects of the coffee industry under one roof.

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Thank you all for this wonderful edition! 12.500 attendees from 83 countries gathered in Trieste for TriestEspresso expo 2016.
See you in 2018, October 25-27

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TriestEspresso Expo is an exhibition designed for international coffee industry professionals. Exhibitors representing the entire coffee chain showcase their latest novelities.


TriestEspresso Expo 2018 to the sea
In the centre of the city, right next to the suggestive warehouses used during the Austro-Hungarian times to store coffee, 12.000 sqm available for the exhibitors.

Not only expo, profit from your visit to the show to learn more about coffee!
A rich program of side events featuring SCAE workshops on how to prepare the best espresso, outlooks on green coffee production, cupping sessions, practical seminars with innovative strategies to develop one’s business, the barista contest Espresso Italiano Champion from the Italian Espresso National Institute (Inei), and much more. Not to mention the rich program of side events taking place in the city centre!

Download the presentation in: arabic - bosnian - bulgarian - chinese - croatian - czech - french - german - greek - hungarian - polish - romanian - russian - serbian - slovak - slovenian - spanish - turkish
























Organizing Secretariat: Aries - Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio Venezia Giulia | info@triestespresso.it | tel. +39.040.6701281 - 240



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