Faqs Fitters – Frequently asked questions

Do I need to possess a pass for set-up and take-down days? No, it is not necessary to possess a pass, neither for the set-up artists nor for the cars.

What are the days and times when set-up and take-down is possible? The days and times can be found in the ‘exhibitor info’ section.

Is there a service for storage of empty packages? Yes, an agency can be contacted to store empty packages in a warehouse for the duration of the fair. Information is available in the ‘exhibitor info’ section.

How can I request the forklift needed to load/unload the set-up materials? To request it, you need to fill out Technical Services Request Form B, which can be downloaded from the ‘forms’ section.

Is it possible to reserve the time when I can use the forklift? No.

How far can the forklift be used? You can use it from truckside to the entrance of halls 28, 28 bis, 29, 30 and vice versa. Forklift access is possible in Hall 27.

How can I transport setups from the entrance of Halls 28, 28 bis, 29, 30 to the booth and vice versa? They can be transported with a trolley.

How can I reserve one or more furnishings to furnish the booth? To reserve them you need to fill in Form C for furniture request, which can be downloaded from the ‘forms’ section.

Is there a carpeted floor or other material in the stands that are not pre-furnished? No, as the exhibition space is granted without any flooring or platform, and the fitter has to arrange it according to the exhibitor’s needs.