Roasting poetry – #TEE18 video 4

It is dedicated to roasteries the fourth video of the #TEE18 series, created to show the expertise of the city of Trieste in the coffee field.

In the small province of Trieste, the smallest in whole Italy, it is a good dozen the amount of active roasteries. From the famous brand, well-known all over the world, to the small-medium roasteries, that have gained a slice of national or international market, especially in the East European countries.

The bean treatment, its metamorphosis from green to brown, has been carried out in this city in the North East of Italy for ages. By the end of ‘800, 10 roaesteries and a great number of coffee shops were already established in Trieste. That’s why the Associazione Caffè Trieste, the association that gathers the local coffee operators, is one of the oldest in Europe, founded in 1891, second only to Hamburg and Amsterdam.

This video drives you to the heart of the roasteries. The place where the different components of the blends are well-balanced. Where the right roasting point is decided. Where the roasted bean is tested and evaluated. Where that unmistakable aroma spreads all around.