Ninth edition’s key players

A virtual walk around the TriestEspresso Expo venue? Here you can find the map of the ninth edition of the trade fair, which is going to take place October, 25-27 in the fascinating location of Trieste’s “Porto Vecchio”. Porto Vecchio is the ancient port of the city, where coffee arrived since the 1800s.

Three halls will host the exhibitors, grouped according to five “macro-categories” of activities:
– Coffee: starting from roasters, green coffee importers and producers
– Machinery: manufacturers of espresso equipment, roasting and processing machines
– Accessories: manufactures of packaging, cups and a wide range of merchandise connected with coffee
– Services: importers and forwarders companies, lab analysis, ecc
– Other: water treatment systems, trade press, trade events…

Here you have the exhibitor’s list, still being implemented with further participants.

Next to the exhibition area, you will find the Centrale Idrodinamica, an iconic example of industrial archeology, where a wide programme of collateral events, focused on training, will take place.