IIAC course update

The course organized by IIAC – the International Institute of Coffee Tasters in cooperation with Mazzer, during the opening day of TriestEspresso Expo, on Thursday, October 25th is now sold-out. Further requests will be placed on waiting list.

No secrets or misteries – #TEE18 video 6

Chemistry, biology, genetics, agronomy… Coffee can be studied with a many different scientific points of view. A scientific research that serves the great global challenges and the coffee industry. In Trieste is happening all this. Trieste is known not only because of its coffee district: its scientific system is one of the most structured and […]

TriestEspresso Campus: the core of #TEE18 side events

A meeting point, an informal place where you can talk and exchange points of views on new trends. But also where you can acquire new solid expertise on management or coffee related fields. Last but not least, a place where you can put theory into practice: thanks to an area dedicated to roasting techniques and […]

It’s all about caffeine – #TEE18 video5

For most of us, caffeine is just a precious component of coffee. A molecule which is able to keep us alert and awake and charges us up. But caffeine is also waste material. It becomes precious waste material, when it is extracted from the beans destined to become decaf coffee. There’s a whole world behind […]

Università del Caffè – illycaffè training events

45 minutes long focused training pills, with a science to business cut: the training rendezvous that illy – Università del Caffè has prepared for the ninth edition of TriestEspresso Expo. The focus will be on caffeine, on the role of microscopy analysis for quality, on coffee chemistry and its perceptual implications and on quality implications […]

Roasting poetry – #TEE18 video 4

It is dedicated to roasteries the fourth video of the #TEE18 series, created to show the expertise of the city of Trieste in the coffee field. In the small province of Trieste, the smallest in whole Italy, it is a good dozen the amount of active roasteries. From the famous brand, well-known all over the […]

IIAC Espresso Italiano Tasting Course

If learning how to taste espresso has always been your dream, don’t miss this golden opportunity. You will have the chance to attend a course organized by IIAC – the International Institute of Coffee Tasters in cooperation with Mazzer, during the opening day of TriestEspresso Expo, on Thursday, October 25th. Learn how to distinguish good […]

From the world to the world – #TEE18 VIDEO3

The logistic of beans is the theme of the third video of the #TEE18 series. A chance to enter the Port. To walk along the piers where coffee is unloaded. To be there, when big containers with coffee in bulk are opened. Or when the 60kg jute bags are stocked. Then, the quality is tested […]

Professional training: our menu

Three currents, three different training approaches in the world of coffee. An entire day dedicated to training or brief focuses to dissect a specific theme. In other words, an education program able to satisfy anyone who feels like it is time to update or consolidate one’s expertise. An high-level training offer led by known and […]

Making the right decision – #TEE18 VIDEO 2

The journey in the Trieste coffee district, adressesses now to one of its microcosmos. It’s the turn of green coffee importers, a key player in the process that leads from bean to the cup. In Trieste are established various companies active in this field, some of them also for more than half a century.

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