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Processing methods, origins. Extraction systems. Roasting techniques. Sensory analysis. The universe of coffee is infinite and you never stop learning. In the last few decades, intense research on coffee has expanded our knowledge of the chemical, sensory and health-related aspects of coffee along the whole value chain, from the bean to the cup. Furthermore, a few studies have been published on specific modes of coffee extraction, in particular on espresso and filter coffee. Many researchers focused mainly on the antioxidant capacity of different blends.

For these reasons people from around the globe choose Trieste as their coffee mentor. This is the world of coffee academies that offer courses specifically designed for coffee professionals who seek expert training from renowned industry specialists. The coffee academies provide solid hands-on training on various roasting systems with sufficient opportunity to put roasting profiles to the test during cupping sessions. The courses also provide an excellent opportunity to refine tasting skills and to learn about the design of quality protocols, from a theoretical as well as from a practical point of view, allowing for sufficient one-one-one interaction with the lead trainers.

It’s all happening in Trieste, Italy

300 years of brewing and still piping hot

See you in #TEE18
25-27 October 2018