That precious chain – #TEE18 VIDEO7

Coffee can be looked at and studied from another fascinating point of view: genetics!

Genetics studies are able to find solutions to global challenges, such as climate change which is seriously threatening many coffee producing countries. But these studies can also be of immediate help for the coffee industry. How? Thanks to genetics an unambiguous answer can be given if you need to distinguish between two coffee varieties or if you need to know how many varieties really form a blend.
…and that’s really an unambiguous system: it is based on coffee genes’ identification!

A University of Trieste spin-off company is probably the only one in Italy or Europe specialized in this very peculiar field of activity.
It can boast even two patents: a “method to distinguish different varieties of Coffea Arabica” and a “method to distinguish between Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora species”.

In other words, another one of the many facets of Trieste’s specialization in the coffee sector: Trieste, coffee capital. #TEE18