From the world to the world – #TEE18 VIDEO3

The logistic of beans is the theme of the third video of the #TEE18 series.

A chance to enter the Port. To walk along the piers where coffee is unloaded. To be there, when big containers with coffee in bulk are opened. Or when the 60kg jute bags are stocked. Then, the quality is tested and the origin controlled. All to make sure the lots truly contain what has been declared.

Coffee samples are collected to make sure the product is free of flaws. The beans are then stocked in the warehouses. Having a walk along these coffee lined walls is like having a journey around the world. Trained by years of expertise in this sector, the sharpest noses are able to recognize and distinguish the various aromas of green coffee just by passing by the merchandise. From Colombia to India, from Brazil to Guatemala…

Some bags rest in the warehouses for days and days, while others leave immediately for their final destination, to reach, by truck, the coffee roasteries in Trieste or in any other city all around Europe.

The world of logistics is just one of the many coffee specializations of Trieste. Terminal operators, custom operators, forwarders and insurance companies are just some of the players of this world, whose center revolves around the Port.